Enjoy up to 14% interest per annum for any period of your choice!

Get at least 3 times the interest rate of your bank's savings account. See for yourself.

Here's why you should put your money where your mouth is!


Your money is protected is deposited with a trusted partner bank and insured with the NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation)

Easy Access to Savings

Easy access to your savings when you need it. No BS.


Flexible options like the name suggest. We offer long-term savings and short term savings products

How it Works

Reach your financial goals faster with FlexiFixed. It's very easy to setup.


Open the OPay app and select 'Savings'
Select the FlexiFixed savings service on the homepage of the OPay app


Select a FlexiFixed plan
Select your preferred savings product from a range of juicy rates.


Review the terms of the savings product and deposit.
We provide a transparent interface that presents the terms of the savings plan.


Watch your money grow
Put your money to work and earn daily interest on your money and you can also withdraw anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlexiFixed?

FlexiFixed is a high yield account where you earn up to 14% per annum interest paid into your account every day. You can withdraw your money and the daily interest any day, anytime just like you would from your normal account!

For example, if you fund FlexiFixed with N10,000. You are earning 10% per annum interest (N2.74) paid daily into your acco... See more

How do I start investing in FlexiFixed?

  • Download the OPay app from the play store and create an account.
  • Let us know you by upgrading your KYC to level 2.
  • Fund your account using your debit card or directly from your banking app.
  • Invest by topping up your account.

How do I fund my FlexiFixed

You fund your FlexiFixed account from your OPay balance.

You can also fund your OPay account through the following channels:

  • Our Bank Card (by adding your card to the App and doing a direct card top-up) See more

Are there bank charges when I
fund my FlexiFixed Account?

No! There are no fees that apply when you fund your FlexiFixed account from your OPay Wallet.

See more

Download the app & start your journey to stress-free payments now.