OPay Mini POS

Your best partner for accepting payments from your customers and banking services on the go!

Instant Settlement
Get Business Loans
Enjoy Lowest Charges
No Caution Fees

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Why Choose OPay
Mini POS?
  • It’s portable, more functional and durable than your regular POS.
  • You can perform transactions like check-outs, withdrawals, deposits, airtime/data top-ups, pay bills and other mobile banking services.
  • You get an instant settlement for your transactions.
  • Enjoy lower charges (as low as 0.5% per transaction)*
  • No guarantee deposit to collect a mini POS terminal, no hidden fees.
  • Enjoy up to N100,000 loan in your OPay wallet.
  • Get a special business loan of up to N1M after two months.
  • Many more incentives
* Initial charge per transaction is 0.6% and then 0.5% after upgrading to Preferred Agent status.

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